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At only 21 years old, Jackmack is already making shockwaves in the music industry. His debut single, ‘Laserbeams’, was released on DJ S.K.T’s label, Stashed Music, as part of their New Year Stashed Recruits EP, which showcased rising talent in the underground House scene, and lead him to gain support from major radio stations such as Kiss FM UK

Hailing from Cambridge, UK, Jackmack has performed guest mixes on Mambo radio and Ibiza Global Radio and his club night, Enter The House, has featured a wide range of guest DJ sets from Mixmag to Kiss FM UK residents and more. His own sets feature a blend of driving, underground basslines and grooves that are complimented by classic disco and club elements.

We were able to catch up with him for a quick chat to find out a little bit more about the fledgling DJ ahead of his Brixton Jamm debut at Courtyard to Club on Saturday 25th September 2021.

Firstly, thanks so much for taking the time to catch up with us today. How have you been keeping busy over the past year? 

Thank you for having me! To be honest, I’ve been using most of my time to focus on making new music, not necessarily just House music as I’ve also dabbled in other genres like Drum and Bass, 140 etc to simply improve my own production skills and get new ideas. I like to bring elements from those genres into my House productions – so yeah, I’ve just been working on further developing my own sound and tracks to hopefully release in the near future.

How are you feeling about the return to the club?

 I honestly can’t wait, I’m so so excited – it’s difficult to put into words! Also slightly nervous as it’s been a while since playing to a club crowd, but I’m sure I’m not the only one. Everyone will be on the exact same vibe after this amount of time away from clubs as well, so I’m sure the return over the next few months will be unforgettable. 

I really enjoyed your release Laserbeams – definitely a tune that will be great for the dancefloor when the clubs reopen. Can you please tell me a bit more about the creative process behind it?

Initially that track started out as a bit of an experiment, messing around with the vocals, adding certain effects and warping it. I ended up making a bass-line, along with other elements, to go with the vocal sample, and it all sat nicely together so I thought I’d put it out there! The track’s quite simple as when I was creating it I had clubs in mind – it is more of a DJ tool than a leisurely listening piece, so it works quite well when mixing it with other tracks on a club sound system.

You began your DJ career as a student at university – in fact, you’re still a student now! How has it been juggling your studies alongside your music career?

To be honest it’s not been too bad – I found out quite early on in my first year that it’s important to try and stick to a routine and be disciplined about when you go out, when you go to the studio, and when you work on your assignments because if not, it’s easy to find yourself going to 9am lectures hungover (which isn’t fun), or doing all nighters in the library because you’ve spent too much time working on music or preparing for events during the day. In general, I think I’ve managed to balance it quite well over the last couple of years so I’m pleased. 

How much time do you typically spend each week looking for music?

I’d say on average I’d spend about an hour each day actively delving deep into Soundcloud and other platforms to find hidden gems, as well as putting Spotify on shuffle through different playlists while I’m driving or in the gym – so around 15+ hours a week.

What’s a bit of equipment you can’t live without?

In the clubbing world, apart from my USB sticks and headphones which are of course a given, it’d have to be my earplugs. I made the mistake of not having any for my first few sets and soon realised I’d have to invest in some. The tinnitus in your ears after leaving the club isn’t fun and it would only get worse if I didn’t get some sorted! It’s also good seeing other artists like Camelphat talking about the subject on Twitter and other platforms, as I think more awareness needs to be raised on the topic, not only for DJ’s but for those on the dancefloor too.

Outside of the clubbing world, it’d be my laptop, whether it be for producing, finding new music, organising my tracks, or uni work. It’s a basic answer, I know, but I’d be lost without it! 

Do you like any genres that are a bit of a guilty pleasure?

Erm I wouldn’t really say it’s a guilty pleasure as such, but I do sometimes enjoy listening to a lot of Funk & Soul stuff – I’d say it has a slight influence on some of my sets too.

What else do you have planned for 2021?

I’ve got a few other sets booked for the summer, and then just a few festivals and club events I’ll be going to as a punter. I may try and sneak a last minute flight to Ibiza for a few days at some point too, Covid and Boris permitting!

What’s your track of the moment?

One of my favourites at the moment is a track called ‘Want Need Love’ by Prospa – it’s racking up the streaming numbers already and it was only released less than 2 months ago. It’s a genuinely brilliant track, so it’s good to see it’s getting the recognition it deserves. A goosebump-maker at festivals and clubs this summer for sure. 

And finally – what jam do you like on toast?

Maybe a bit of a boring answer, but it has to be the classic strawberry jam. However, I’m partial to raspberry occasionally if I’m feeling adventurous… 

Jackmack will be playing at our Courtyard to Club w/Ferreck Dawn on Saturday 25th September – get your tickets now to watch him in action!

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