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Here at Brixton Jamm, The Link-Up parties are always highlights on our social calendar, namely because they provide us with a great opportunity to collaborate with some of London’s best up-and-coming underground talent in Hip-Hop, UKG, Dancehall and Rap. For our next event, we’re teaming up with Interlink – a fiercely skilled collective already making headways in the music industry – to bring you a night that is perfectly curated and focused entirely on quality tunes.

We were able to catch up with the Interlink crew ahead of their show to find out what makes them so unique and why their events are worth coming to. Their emphasis on the individual experience coupled with their perceptive understanding of the club scene already puts them a head above the rest – this hard-working group are determined to redefine nights out whilst introducing a new appreciation of what it means to club.

Can you tell us a little bit about who Interlink are?

‘Interlink’ is a brand new, exciting and forward thinking entertainment events collective, focused on the individual experience of those who attend our nights. Made up of 3 highly talented individuals who between them have over 5 years of experience in performing at or running events, we feel we have a very strong grasp of the club scene that once was as well as what will be post Covid-19.

How did you start and why? 

We all used to go to events and notice how they were run and we always felt as though there was something missing at each one. They were too image focused – people were more concerned about themselves within the clubs and not the music. So with our combined knowledge of music, crowd control and clubbing experience we felt we could put on a club night experience suited to everyone’s taste.

What is your ethos?

Inclusion. Our mission is to provide memorable nights out for anyone and everyone, from the casual clubber to the hardcore raver. 

What makes you different?

We possess a wealth of musical and industry knowledge, which we can use to cater to any type of crowd. Alongside our own excellent DJs and Hosts, we also have a huge range of contacts, from talented DJs to Hosts and Artists, which we are planning on rotating regularly for our line-ups in order to keep each night varied yet memorable.

What are you most proud of? 

Covid hit us hard. All of our plans were cancelled and our hard work postponed, with no end insight. We stayed focused, working on our mission statement, why we wanted to start running our own events and what we wanted to provide for the people attending our events. We now understand why we are doing what we are doing, which makes us feel proud of what we are going to be able to deliver.

What have been your biggest challenges?

Getting our first booking as a collective. We have all our own experiences, but as a collective we are starting fresh, so getting our foot in the door at venues has been our biggest challenge so far.

Can you tell us a bit about the dynamic of the collective?

We are just 3 friends, whose energy is influenced by the music we listen to. 

We’re known for being pioneers in beautiful mayhem performance, we’ve been crowned as one of the most electrifying and dynamic open format DJ, host and overall entertainer collectives in the UK.

Join us for The Link-Up x Interlink: Hip-hop x UKG x Dancehall x Rap Friday 20th August 18:00 – 04:00 and listen to some of the finest sets from A-Tee, Cvss, DJ Fxze, DJ K Silver, Halfports, Mastaque, SG & Taylah Elaine – see you on the dance-floor. ?

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