Black History Month Mixtape: Khazali

To celebrate Black History Month 2021, we’re asking various Black creatives involved in the music industry to contribute 5 tracks that mean something to them to Brixton Jamm’s Black History Month Mixtape.

Kicking off with our first 5 tunes is singer-songwriter Khazali. The north-west Londoner has already established himself well within the scene as his instantly recognisable dreamy vocals, usually accompanied by floaty, Indietronica electronic beats, are hard to resist. The up-and-coming musician has already garnered a lot of attention, having recently been signed by Kitsuné Musique whilst continuing to build a strong repertoire of atmospheric solo tracks that transcend the boundaries of pop, house, soul & hip-hop.

We were very excited, therefore, to have the opportunity to find out a little bit more about Khazali’s musical influences and inspirations through a few of his favourite tracks.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat to us today about your selected songs for our Black History Month Playlist! We’re super excited to learn a little bit more about you through the kinda tunes you like to vibe to in your spare time.

Firstly, could you tell us a bit about your background and what makes you proud of your heritage?

I’m really proud of my heritage — my maternal side is Moroccan and my paternal side is Sierra Leonean — because both cultures have a joyful and colourful approach to enjoying life. Even though almost my whole life has been spent here in the UK, I try to take that with me everywhere. 

Do you think that music and Black History month have an important connection with each other?

Almost all of the music that we consume as lovers of music have an important Black origin, and Black History Month is a great time to acknowledge, remember and champion that.

Great – let’s move onto your first track that you have picked for our playlist. Could you tell us a bit more about it, why you chose it, what it means to you or if you think it’s just a bit of a banger? 

My first track is ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ by Solange. It’s such a good track because it feels like a moment in her career where she really found a musical direction and voice that worked for her and feels authentic. I also love the influence that Sampha’s style has on the shape of the track.

Moving onto your second track, why did you pick this one?

I’ve chosen ‘The Hardest Part’ by Olivia Dean because I love how she can tell such a rich story about heartbreak, and recovering from it, so effortlessly! 

Tell us about your third chosen track.

I chose ‘Blue Skies’ by dexter because it literally feels like sitting outside in the park in summer – which I already miss so much.

How about the fourth?

‘Hurt’ by Arlo Parks, because it’s an absolute banger and she’s an icon. 

And finally, what is the fifth track that you have selected for our playlist?

‘Both Of Us’ by Jayda G is one of my favourite new finds of the year. I spent lots of time in the spring cycling through Victoria Park and blasting this out… 

Thanks so much for sharing your tunes with us and allowing us to discover some sick new tracks! Before you go, do you have any final words that you would like to give to any young Black creatives that are looking to get into the industry? 

The creative industry can be a daunting place to try and enter, especially when you’re young and and even more so when you add being Black to the equation, but don’t be put off; let your curiosity and passion drive you forward and keep you fearless. Go out and find your creative tribe, collaborate with people and always remind yourself why you’re doing what you do.

Brixton Jamm’s Black History Month Mixtape will be updated regularly throughout October – head to our Spotify to give it a listen!

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